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General Guidelines

It is imperative that you read and follow the guidelines for each specific grant and follow them carefully. All components of your application should be typed, and we recommend that you have your faculty mentor review your application prior to submission. Additionally, your mentor should assist you in preparing your budget; the more precise you can be with figures, the better, and you should use college-wide per diem rates. 

We recommend you review this PDF, completed by a prior grant recipient. Though the title specifies the Social Sciences and Humanities, it elucidates undergraduate research in general, and provides some helpful suggestions on establishing relationships with faculty mentors.

2017-2018 Grant Deadlines

RPG Application Deadlines: July 10, 2017, August 28, 2017, October 30, 2017, January 22, 2018

MAYS Application Deadlines: August 28 and October 30, 2017

SURF Application Deadline: February 6, 2018

Grant Guidelines and Applications

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