Evolution of Pelvis Musculoskeletal Anatomy in Lizards

Student: Sydney Eiland

Major: International Studies

Mentors: Dr. Eric McElroy

Department: Biology

Evolution of Pelvis Musculoskeletal Anatomy in Lizards

The pelvis has important roles in locomotion, body support and reproduction. However, variation in the shape and musculature of the pelvis is poorly understood in most tetrapods. This study will quantify the variation in 3D anatomy of the pelvis in a sample of lizards. MicroCT scans of iodine-stained specimens will be used to digitally dissect the pelvis musculature and bony pelvis anatomy in several lizard species. Pelvis shape will be quantified using 3D geometric morphometric methods of segmented microCT images. This will help define the lizard bony pelvis morphospace. Relationships between bony pelvis shape and muscle anatomy will be explored using the digitally dissected models.