Celebration of Scholars 2021

The Celebration of Scholars is an annual event hosted by URCA during which students showcase the results of their student/faculty collaborative research and creative activities projects. This year's event will be held virtually. Click a project below to watch a presentation. 

Celebration of Scholars Presentations




Atmospheric Gas Loss in Hot Jupiters Under Variable Stellar Irradiation. Aly Nida Dr. Ana Uribe and Dr. Joseph Carson
Automated Repair of Buffer Overflow

Christian Ellwood

Dr. Kris Ghosh
Biogeochemical Cycling of Nutrient Elements in Stormwater Retention Ponds Tyler Roberts Dr. Vijay Vulava
Bioinformatic Investigation of Nuclear Transport Maddie Davis Dr. Christine Byrum
Buried Alive: Ecology of the Infaunal Sponge Oceanapia Mylene Gonzales Dr. Chris Freeman
Caloric Load Preferentially Influences Epithelial Differentiation in the Murine Uterus to Drive Endometrial Hyperplasia Toni Allison Dr. Christopher Kovisto, DVM (MUSC)
A Compilation of Systems That are Both Novae and Dwarf Novae Ashley Dowd Dr. Ashley Pagnotta
Computer Modeling of Nucleophilic Substitution and Beta Elimination Reactions Timothy M. Hunter Dr. Rick Heldrich
Cubed Sphere: Simulating Tilted Black Hole Accretion Disk and Their Effects on Astrophysical Jets Tri Nguyen Dr. Chris Fragile
Data Visualization: From Covid-19 to Back on the Bricks Dhruvi Patel Prof. Lancie Affonso
Designing a Mobile Flood Warning Application for the Charleston, SC Region Cole Westbrook Prof. Lancie Affonso and Dr. Norman Levine
Developing a Mobile Application for Flood Warning in the Charleston, SC Region Connor Cozad Dr. Norman Levine and Prof. Lancie Affonso
Discovering Authorship of Flawed Code Snippets Damon Otero Dr. Kris Ghosh
Dynamic Network Activation of Hypothalamic Neurons in REM Sleep Xandre Clementsmith Dr. Sorinel Oprisan
Effect of Storage Temperature and Time on Urine Electrolyte Assessment Ethan Pierce, Abbie Cantrell, and Miranda Badolato Dr. J.D. Adams
Effects of Changeover-Requirement Location on Between-Sequence Variation in Pigeons Hawken Hass Dr. Adam Doughty
The Effects of Estradiol Treatment on Synaptic Reorganization and Plasticity Around Motoneurons After Traumatic Peripheral Nerve Injury in Mice Vernon Kennedy Jr Dr. Jennifer Wilhelm
Effects of Steroid Hormones on Voluntary Physical Activity Levels Vershelle Peterson Dr. Jennifer Wilhelm
Encountering Overdose: An Analysis of College Students' Overdose Experiences Duncan Weller II and Anne Scully Dr. Sarah Hatteberg and Dr. Christy Kollath-Cattano
Evolution of Pelvis Musculoskeletal Anatomy in Lizards Sydney Eiland Dr. Eric McElroy
Examining the Back To Bricks Reopening Plan on Various Demographics Within Charleston Jody Bell and Brandon Alston Prof. Lancie Affonso
Expanding LGBTQ+ Responsiveness at CofC Student Health Services Althea Denver Dr. Kris De Welde
Expression-building in Squid 3 Noah Drake Dr. Jim Bowring
Growing Up Salty: The Effects of Transient Salinity on Tadpole Growth, Behavior, and Development Gabi Tutelo and Isabella Rupert Dr. Allison Welch
HailPoint Internship/Broadcast Lab Grace Lowe Dr. B. Lee Lindner
A Hubble Space Telescope Direct Imaging Investigation of Extrasolar Planets Katrina Bynum and Blake Mino Dr. Joe Carson
Inter-comparison of Rainfall Measurements from 1- and 2-Dimensional Video Disdrometers Trey Anderson Dr. Michael L. Larsen
Investigating Nanocolloids Using Shadowgraphy David Dorf Dr. Ana Oprisan and Dr. Sorinel Oprisan
Investigating the Effect of Episodic Stellar Activity on Planetary Evolution Logan Oxener Dr.Joseph Carson
Investigating Truncated Disk Simulations for Signs of Quasi Periodic Oscillations Filippo Savoia Dr. Chris Fragile
Lower Extremity Jump-Landing Biomechanics After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction with Quadriceps Tendon Versus Patellar Tendon Autografts Hannah Collins Dr. Kate Pfile
Mapping Water in the Outer Asteroid Belt - Origins of Life David Dorf Dr. George Chartas
Mars Map Maker: User Empowerment in Meta Data and Data Submission Robert Niggebrugge and Josh Gilley Dr. Jim Bowring
MARS: Middleware for Assisting the Registration of Samples Aerin Parker and Julius Walton Dr. Jim Bowring
Patterns Observed on Mussel Bed Formation Chloe Mattila Dr. Stéphane Lafortune
Preliminary Analysis of Bulk Rain Variables Acquired from Laser Precipitation Monitors Mounted at Different Heights on a Vertical Tower Carson Barber Dr. Michael L. Larsen
Progress Toward Anti-microbial Polymers: Adventures in small molecule synthesis and polymer synthesis Harrison Koller,Weijun VanLith, and Isabel Wood Dr. Brooke Van Horn
Properly Resolving the Effective Measurement Area in a High-Fidelity Rain Measurement Device Christopher K. Blouin Dr. Michael L. Larsen
A Religious History of the College of Charleston AJ Williamson and Allen Duggar Dr. Matthew Cressler and Mary Jo Fairchild
Simulations of Light Transmission Through a Virtual Cloud Christopher K. Blouin Dr. Michael L. Larsen
Strongly Magnetized Disks & Thermal Stability Jessica Anderson Dr. Chris Fragile
Subdividing Rain Drop Arrivals into Steady Intervals Brianna Brunson Dr. Michael L. Larsen
Synthesis and Spectral Characterization of 6-membered Silanes Andre Gagliano Dr. Gamil Guirgis and Prof. Thomas Mcfadden
Teaching Data Science Skills with a Focus on Visualization Emily Chafin and Camille Sullivan Prof. Lancie Affonso
Thermochemistry of Novel Polymers Brandon Williams Dr. David S Boucher and Dr. Brooke Van Horn
A Tomographic Scan of the Accretion Disk Around a Supermassive Black Hole Matthew Emery Dr. George Chartas
Topsoil: An Open-Source Visualization Engine for Geochronological Data Garrett Brenner Dr. Jim Bowring
Tropical Cyclone Climatology for Columbia and Greenville SC Maxwell Zollinger Dr. B. Lee Lindner
Two-scale Factor Universality of O2: Experiments Under Density Gradients Seth Zoppelt Dr. Ana Oprisan
Uncertainty of Heterogeneous Freezing Rate of Water on Muscovite Mica Pearce Hamilton Dr. Michael L. Larsen
The Use and Abuse of Philosophy in History: James Warley Miles and the Dangers of Racist Dehistoricization Patrick Wohlscheid Dr. Jonathan Neufeld
Using Sentinel-2 MSI Data to Monitor the Physical Environment of Coral Reefs in the U.S. Virgin Islands Mary Kule Dr. K. Adem Ali
Virtual Assistant for Pair Programming (VAPP) Megan Simpson Dr. Kris Ghosh
Women with HIV's Perception of Coercion During Contraceptive and Infant Feeding Counseling Raija Haughn and Shira Finke Dr. Beth Sundstrom