Investigating Nanocolloids Using Shadowgraphy

Student: David Dorf

Major: Astrophysics, Physics and Systems Engineering

Mentors: Dr. Ana Oprisan and Dr. Sorinel Oprisan

Department: Physics and Astronomy; Physics and Astronomy

Investigating Nanocolloids Using Shadowgraphy

Magnetic nanoparticle colloids display unique properties that have made them subject to extreme interest by the medical community. Iron oxide in particular displays superparamagnetic properties that allow it to be an incredibly useful tool in many applications. Iron oxide nanoparticles have large surface areas and great responsiveness to magnetic fields. This allows them to be used as carriers for gene therapy, vectors for antiviral treatment, therapeutic use against cancer, and drug carriers in the bloodstream. The shadowgraph method was used in this experiment to image the fluctuations between the colloid solution and the distilled water section of a cell. This experiment was conducted in order to develop a better understanding of nanoparticle colloids and their properties for use in applications.